Inspiration: Radoslaw Pujan (Kinky Wednesday)

"Photographer. Born in Poznan (Poland). Then lived in Krakow, Brussels, Cannes.
Resides in Brussels. Main interest in creative Portrait, Beauty and Fashion photography."

Classic female portraits, you see a lot of this on Flickr but only few pull it really well. He uses medium and large format, which I really like too of course. Not much to say, enjoy.

Oldies, last ones

Seriously, I find so much stuff. As much as I don't have time to shoot anything these days, I used to shoot so much I didn't have time to process my images...then they got lost in time like tears in the rain (never miss an opportunities to quote Blade Runner).

Anyway, here is some more. Always medium format film (Mamiya RZ67), in that case some hardcore very low light condition and ISO 3200 film.

Some oldies

One of the rewards of sorting your hard drive :) Back when I was essentially just doing female portraits.

Inspiration & technique: composition

I found some well composed shots on flickr from a London photographer : InvernoDreaming

I don't thing he is a professional photographer, therefore I believe he is a great example of what any amateur could achieve by working on composition instead of taking vulgar nudes, kittens or gross HDR corny landscapes. 

Indeed, he does a pretty good job at getting a beautiful well composed image out of what would appear as a boring subject to most people. These are the hardest one to get. Look at those.


Now if that gives you an itch and you feel like improving at composition, keep a few things in mind:

  • Rule of third: balancing object so that they divide your image in thirds rather that in half. Horizon line, end of building, eyes of a person. It's not mandatory but should somehow part of your reflexion.

  • Think of depth: if your farthest objects are as sharp as your foreground, they will project flat an participate in the composition in a totally different manner. Thing about your aperture and depth of field, try to project what you see in the frame into a flat image, see how things will be balanced. Maybe some things need to be in focus to participate to the composition, maybe not. On this next one I kept everything in focus to use wall & furnitures lines as part of the composition (bed wood, cabinet, wall line).

  • How about diagonals? They can be obvious or linked to perspective, creates lines that give a sense of direction, create lines that balance objects across the image (as on the first picture of this post)

  • And symmetric stuff? Use symetric stuff !

  • F@$#% everything I just wrote :) Go for weird against the rules things, like on this picture.
    • Somewhat split in thirds (ground, trees& sky / also subject on the right third looking left)
    • But also in half, with a person's head way in the wrong place, and background focus