Katia @ Paris

I decided to analyse my shots not, explain why I kept them, what I could have done better. I'll also put some that did not make the cut and explain why. This is all from a Mamiya RZ67II with TMax film and the 110m 2.8.

By the way, I learned that Neopan 400 is dead... it made me sad, it was a great film.

Thanks to the lovely Katia.

A diptych for a change: I tried to play with the change of distance on the same pose. Both shots are spot on focus, perfectly exposed (natural light) and could be self sufficient, but it's worth the attempt. I regret the dark stuff on her back on the right, I might photoshop that in the end.

Same shot as a stand alone for comparison. 

This is a pose I used a lot but not with the models hands placed like that. I wish her eyes were a little more open, and light a little more focused on her face / chest, but white wall makes the room light very even. Appart from that, it is sensual without being gross, so I kept it.

The original left picture on the diptych, uncropped.

I like this because of the 3 layers: black, skin, gray. Also it implies nudity but we don't really see it. Here also I wish I had the eyes looking up or a little more opened, but at the same time they look a little tripy like this.

A pose I used and abused: full nude with nothing showing, emphasis on the face. Nailed it technically yet I wish the room was significantly darker that the skin.

Flore @ Paris

Last week end my friend Flore agreed to pose for me. Shots are from:

Mamiya RZ67 II Trix 110mm 2.8

Nikon D600 50mm f/1.2 AI-S

Picture that rocks : Koko the gorilla

Because Gorilla mothering a kitten, that's why. 

So I decided of that new section called "picture that rocks", because sometimes there's nothing special about the photographer, nothing to discuss, just an image that speaks for itself.

For those who wonder, Koko is (was?) a gorilla that could speak 1000 sign words, create words by recombining existing ones, and understand 2000 words of spoken English (most humans live with 500 words).

It means Koko was listening to you, answering in sign language (primates can't speak because of posture, that's the only reason) and you could have an actual conversation with a gorilla. Read that last part again, and think about it. It personnaly blows my mind. And yes she was expressing remorse, boredom, joy, her desire to be a mother etc. Sorry Christians, God might be a female gorilla...

Koko was also famous for appearing in a documentary showing how she adopted a kitten, since she couldn't find a gorilla male while living among humans. She complained that zoo gorilla's, some were introduced to her, couldn't speak and were stupid...ah! women !

You can easily find that documentary online. Sad truth, she's worth more than many of us when it comes to what we abusively call humanity.