Inspiration: Michael Magin

His website:

What is it about: female portraits and minimalist landscapes. 

Has it been done before? Yes...well at the same time with photography it's probably been done before anyway. So is it stil worth showing? Yes, because although it's been done by many, he does it much better than most, and it's really pleasant to look at.

Notice that the ladies aforementioned happened to be lightly clothed if clothed at all. So if you are under eighteen run away. It's bad ! Click on that link if you want to see boobies, this is a clean blog (and I promise you that link has some great wild boobies images, the good stuff,  you won't regret it).

Anyway, it is very clean work, with few pictures I wouldn't keep in the portfolio. Mostly digital work with very very proper artificial (I believe) lighting, and some medium format. Gentle color treatment, refined and all. See for yourselves :)