Inspiration: Akif Hakan Celebi

In his own words: "striving to go beyond established styles, and widen the boundaries of photographic expression".

Turkish photographer now living in Miami, Hakan Celebi is a beauty & fashion photographer who strikes by is very personal way of using color thru outfits, make up, natural backgrounds and post processing.

He is excellent at creating edgy images, always in color, with a drop of efficient and tasteful provocation.

Not a master is classic photography in my opinion (he obviously doesn't work his light and exposure that much, digital equipment does it for him), he however rules at matching color and post processing heavily without images ever looking cheap, leaving you with a taste of cheap fake.

He layers a lot and applies colored lights to his backgrounds in order to create a color harmony, uses very everyday life interior and scenery in a creative way, thru quality poses, and an interesting sense of distance to the model.

The kind of photography I don't intend to do, but truly admire as he embraces modern technique in the best of way.

If you are a heavy post processor, consider taking a look at his work :)

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