Looking for a photography course?

Well stop looking !

I am now delighted to announce that I opened a portrait course here in Dublin (Ireland, not Dublin
Ohio...yeah someone asked!).

I aim at offering the most practical course possible with tons of shooting to apply the learnings immediatly, and since this is about portraiture, I provide you with one of my favorite model. Because this remains a personnal art, I don't intend to tell you how to shoot, but rather train you on a set of tips to keep as a tool box and articulate as you wish. This is the ideal course to get rid of some bad habits, understand the key functions of your camera, answer the "how do you get that effect ?" kind of question. From there, you should have all the necessary knowledge to then be on your own and grow your own style. You spend hundreds, thousands in a DSLR? You're one course away from making the most of it :)

-David Sexton, Dublin: "Thanks a million for a great day learning. I really found the course useful and I feel that it has helped improve my portraits significantly. Looking back through the day's shooting on the laptop, the photos towards the end were significantly better than those at the start. Your style and tips were incredibly useful and easy to understand. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their portraits."

How does it work?
- I take up to 3 person in a group (more would be too much to do it well).
- First you would send me your best shots, and the ones you wish you took, so I can have an idea where you're at.
- We'll start by about an hour of theory, going thru good shots, and I'll explain what are the techniques and ideas that made them good. It's a brain warmup!
- Then shooting ! from 2 to 4 hours depending on what you want to practice. Outdoors as well as studio is available. We'll...well you will apply the techniques seen previously.I then invite you to compare you first shots of the day to the last ones... :)
- Finally an editing workshop: editing is key when shooting digital, too much people ruin it with cheap photoshop work. Let's spend an hour making the most of your shots.

How much does that cost?

- 400 Euros per person, the model fee is included
- 1000 Euros for for a group of 3

What do you need to bring? - A DSLR with preferably a portrait lens (fixed lens F2.8 or lens). I can provide Nikon lenses if needed.
- Your laptop with an editing software if you have one.

Special extras
For those of you that are already somehow advanced and would like to learn medium format film shooting, You can ask for practicing on a Mamiya MF camera. 50 extra for the cost of film. I can also provide a Nikon F5 35mm film camera for the film lovers !

Some "before/afters" from one of my student:

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