Why do I shoot film ?

Most of the picture I will display here will be film photography. Why? Digital is convenient, forgiving, even sometimes better (Nikon makes cameras that perform amazingly at very high ISO) but there are still reasons to shoot film:
  • Tone range : digital photography relies on a certain number of tones between white and black. Film photography relies on the chemical reaction of a product on a plastic sheet: tones are progressive, more subtile.
  • Medium format: there is a very simple rule in photography, the larger the film / sensor, the better. A medium format camera will surpass any 35mm the same way any car will alway be quicker than a horse. Same applies to large format compared to medium format. Digital MF does exist but wow, price tag makes it inaccessible to most of us (>$ 15k)
  • You pay attention to the way you shoot, because you have from 8 to 36 frames on a roll, and it will cost you. You learn faster, and more like an artist than like a paparazzi. Painter don't paint 500 until they get the right one, they pay attention to what they do, same applies to film photography

Nikon F5 (300 euros second hand), Nikon 85F1.8 and Fuji Acros

  • It remains photography, not digital art. I love good digital art, but please let's call a cat a cat. Photography relies of exposure, framing, composition and use of light. If you use textures, massive editing, or else, you are a digital artist.
  • Cameras are cheap as hell now that everyone gets digital: a Mamiya RZ67 (a top professional studio camera) cost 800 dollars with a lens on Adorama or B&H, Ebay etc. And will destroy any 5D mkII, Nikon D3X when it comes to pictures. Same applies to Pentax 67's, Fujica's etc. Wanna shoot fancy? Don't waste money in a snob Leica M. Your MF system will outperform it for 1/5th of the price !!!
  • In B&W, it just looks better.
  • Film grain is awesome !

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