Inspiration: Jonathan Leder

- Jonathan Leder is an American photographer in his mid 30ies from...guess...NYC. For a change.

He has been working for quite a few nice clients (Elle Italia, etc.) On his site it's film only, from MF to Polaroid with of course good Ol' 35mm. His moody pictures have a little something of that 70ies vintage touch with young naked skinny girl as for Ryan McGinley. However,  Ryan's work is more a vision of asexual innocently fucked up but happy kids (males and females), touched by some sort of immortal grace, Leder's work bends a lot toward a fashion aesthetics. A mix of Vogue and happily trashed 70ies America. 
Very strong moods, use of grain and natural light is delightful. I love it, even if it's not very original. I mean naked models in a trash set up has been done a million times, NYC people have to go out a little, but he does it better (and the all drug thing can really piss me off. If you are a junky, you're a piece of shit, nothing cool about it).

Photoshop junkies have everything to learn from him.

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