Inspiration: Rikki Kasso

Rikki Kasso is a Tokyo based photographer, videographer, painter. Nothing to do with the satanic serial killer though I wonder if he did not pick the same in relation to that. The fact is, I had a hard time finding some sort of biography. I don't think he wants anyone to find one.

Fair enough, it's about images. I'll have to post twice at least since I found so many shots I liked...

What I like about him : spontaneity, leading to true moments captured. He care about the image, nothing technical in his photography, in the nicest of ways. Him being a painter, I can see a much more flexible use of the camera. I love his distance to details, how he gets a tiny part of the image be the subject, yet having it a overwhelming subject. He also has great double exposure shots, a technique I'm usually not found of.

Anyway see for yourselves.

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