NEW: now giving photography lessons in Dublin !


One of my friend bought an SLR lately, and asked me for tips. We spent an hour going thru the features, practicing, etc. Then she took the one day gift course offered by Canon, and she told me "man, I barely learned in a day what I learned with you in 1hour, you should give lessons".

Well so be it ! I'm know giving lessons in Dublin, on Saturdays and Sundays. But I won't make it a boring lecture, no no no. At the end of the day you will have :

  • shot real models
  • practiced studio lightning with professional equipment
  • tried different techniques that you can then apply as you wish
  • and even practice on medium format film cameras ! (you won't find that often)
  • learned (by practicing) the basics of good digital developing / editing. 
  • this will be focused on portrait and general use of a DSLR.

This will be a 4 hours group course (up to 5 people) or 1:1 if for a premium. Including:
  • 1 hour of theory
  • 2 hours of shooting (natural light, studio light)
  • 1 hour of editing
With breaks in the middle of course :)

The bad news: I will charge 150 / person (model's fee at my expense). You need to bring you camera !

Contact me at 08 33 17 35 19 (please not hidden number, I tend to not answer those :p)

I'll plan the first session in April (away in India in March)

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