Back from India

It was f***ing awful. All my MF films have been destroyed by Air India along with the entire bag and it's content (negligence). Air India, by the way, hired pilots that are not pilots (fake licences), 8 of them arrested. They also have rats in the plane (seriously...) eating people's luggage.
Long story short, the trip was a nightmare, we lost half our stuff including the film rolls. Never loved Ireland as much as I do now. Every tourist facing person is a thief and a liar, not ONE honest person in 14 days. Attitude towards women is unbearable.
I travelled a lot, I seek cultural differences, my tolerance to hard traveling condition is very high, but this was just a never ending scam. I recommend Chile and Patagonia, Thailand, etc. Not this.

However this is a photoblog, so here are some of the few digital shots I had. Taken with a Nikon D80, 35mm F2 lens. You will probably never see the film shots, I'll try a couple of rolls to see if some shots can be recovered but I have little hope (rolls destroyed, exposed to light partially, wet with a alcohol based solution).

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