Inspiration: Hannes Caspar (aka Bluecut)

Today's inspiration is a Flickr found photographer from Germany called Hannes Caspar. He annoys me because he can do what I wish I could do... so when I see his work, I get positively envious and it makes me want to shoot.

You can see his Flickr stream here.

He does 2 things I really like:
  1. he shoots medium format (Pentax 67, a tool I can only recommend, with a preference to HP5) in that sultry but reserved style that I appreciate so much (I must say he also choses his models really well)
  2. when he shoots digital (Canon 5D mkII), he makes the most of it by really leveraging the digital editing in the best way possible: he makes it look like light itself played with the sensor, very natural and soft. 
  3. also (yes I added a 3rd point, it's my blog I do what I want), it's overall strongly distinctive in style. You see the pic, you know it's him.

Followers know I'm strongly biased towards film, but his work makes me realize that bias might be related to my lack of editing skills ^^.

It was hard to pick just a few shots, so go see his flickr stream, it's worth it all the way down to the last page (nudity warning).

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