Today I'm 31 ! And these are my dream machines.

Early 30ies is a strange age, it corresponds to nothing. When I was 15, you were either young (less than 25), or a parent (45+), both categories with very distinctive characteristics. But 31? what the hell is that? I obviously can't party rock like before, you're still not having lame dinners with other couples when you put on a're in between all of that. Ah f***ck it. Happy BDay to me.

I would very much like a FUJI GX680, a Nikon D3S, a 80MP phase one digital back for mamiya RZ67 and a Mamiya 6 :) and and get me a leica M6 now that you're at it :)

So if you're rich, bored and for the strangest reason want to make me happy, you know what to do.

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