Ah ah ah, seriously? (Sony NEX 7)

The Sony NEX 7. An APS C sensor + cheap zoom lenses for 1350€ (1500$?).

Forget my language but, are you fucking kidding? Is it like a consumer test to see how stupid people are?
It drives me mad because I know some guys are going to spend half or more of their salary on this crap, then come to me and say "my pictures are not like I expected, it must be the settings, can you help me?". Well yeah I can: sell it, buy a camera.

I will always say things as they are we it comes to protect the costumer against crap marketing, that's what the Internet it for :)

The NEX 5 for 450$ is a good compact, it's worth what it provides, but this one is outrageous.

Let's attack it with method:
  • The best camera in the world with a sensor this side is the Nikon D7000. It cost 900$ and can perform with premium Nikon lenses.
  • The GF2 or even NEX5 can give you the exact same results. THE EXACT SAME. If not even better, because they all have much bigger pixels that this one.
  • It's not even compact, it's reaching a size that makes it a completely retarded concept: it's more expensive than the best SLR on the market by an actual camera brand, and requires as big of a bag to carry around.
  • Not to mention the long term value of those bastard concepts that won't have any lens available in 5 years when your D7000 will still be a very good camera with full support.
  • The best medium format cameras in the world cost less than that. 
At 500$ it would be a good premium comp...no wait it's not even compact. So however you look at it, it doesn't make any sense ! Get a GF2 instead with the 20mm lens.

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