Nikon D4


"Nikon D4 specs:
  • 16.2 MP
  • 11 fps
  • 100-102,400 native ISO range, expandable to 50 and 204,800
  • CF + XQD memory card slots! That's right, the Nikon D4 will have the new Compact Flash XQD memory card slot.
  • Compatible with the new Nikon WT-5 wireless transmitter
  • Integrated Ethernet in the camera
  • Face detection/recognition function that will be working in the viewfinder (maybe some type of a hybrid viewfinder? Nikon had several related patents)
  • Improved video, I have no other details on that but my guess is 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24 similar to the Nikon D800
  • Uncompressed video out through the HDMI port
  • Ability to assign the two buttons on the front of the camera to smooth aperture control during video recording
  • Improved 51 AF points
  • AF detection range will go down to EV-2.0 (the D3s went to EV -1)
  • Autofocus system: 9 cross-type sensors that are operational up to f/8"

Why I do like it:
  1. large pixels on a large sensor: excellent dynamic range and high ISO performance, the dream for wildlife
  2. 11FPS, the dream for wildlife :)
  3. 9 cross type sensors and not just a couple in the center (long story short, faster more accurate focusing)
That's it. It's not much, but it does it all. Large sensor, not too many pixel plus Nikon's superior 2000 RGB dots metering system should make it a killer camera for action photography.

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