F*** You Hasselblad.

After Sony and the first compact full frame, Nikon announced the first affordable full frame SLR, both adding true value for the consumer (thanks !).
Fortunately, here comes the funny one because well, life is also about having fun. Hasselblad in a pure Apple-like tradition of trying to rape consumers with premium bulls*** will launch the "Lunar".

Price: around $5000.

Now for those of you who now a thing or two about camera, I'll cut the crap and send you straight to the funny stuff: http://www.hasselblad-lunar.com/index.php/main-specifications/cmos-sensor/ . How's that for surprise butsekss?!  Seriously read. How shameless do you need to be to write that?

Yes,  people at Asselblad- a brand known for medium format cameras with a twist of Leicaish snobbism - want us to pay $5000 for a APS-C sensor. Translate = any cheap compact camera. They also insult every single one of us' intelligence with this website aiming at abusing people's trust. So according to them, an APS-C sensor is the best thing you can get, "larger than most DSLR on the market" I quote, which is an absolute lie. DSLR use at least an APS-C sensor and are all turning full frame now.

No need to write anything more: this is an clear attempt at making money off uninformed people by surfing on the trend of "jewelry cameras" started by Fuji, a borderline criminal attitude that lays on the cult of a brand that has a way too high opinion of itself. Thank God most reviewers are trashing it too, let's hope this never sees the light of day.  

If you are to buy a medium format camera, go Mamiya or Pentax (better, cheaper, more durable). 

If you want premium digital, the best thing around just came out: Nikon D600. Cheap, top notch sensor, I ordered one. 

Keep on going online, getting informed and educate yourself, that's the best way to prevent wankers like that to fool consumers.

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