Sony made it ! I expected it from Fuji or Nikon, but Sony made it ! A FULL FRAME COMPACT WITH CARL ZEISS LENSES !!!!

This is why I passed on my D800 pre order and any other digital gear for 6 years now: now way I'm spending 3 grands on digital that is not small, and no way it's not at least true 35mm. At last, Sony does it with a 24MP sensor and a 2800$ price tag (a D800 more or less). It also comes with a 35mm F2 Zeiss lens (essentially same quality as Leica but cheaper).

Sony claims the shutter is very discrete, it can reach ISO 24000 so I'm guessing ISO 6400 should be very clean too.

Extra optical viewfinder at 450$ is a bit pricey but what the hell. If it focuses fast (unlike Fuji overpriced compacts), it's a really hot product for the traveler.

One thing though, you can't change the lens... Will I get one? It'd always good to wait for competition, but I'll greatly consider it.

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