The Nu Project

Minneapolis (gooooo Goooophers !!! ... sorry old habit) photographer Matt Blum started those series of nudes in 2005 with the following rules: no models, no make up, no glamour, real people only.

Go to your local supermarket, now look at Matt Blum's work...yup he shoots normal people. Now I wouldn't promote if that was the only virtue of his work. Those also happen to be great shots. Both things put together make it all very interesting.

What will be even more interesting for you is to analyse the reaction you're going to have watching his galleries. 

My first thought was that years of magazines and internet nudity actually shape your brain in a way that you might not even be aware of. You do become somehow intolerant to normality, that's wicked and pretty dumb. Especially knowing what my belly is turning into... Oh! Wait ! Now I start to see how it can ruin your selfesteem as a teenage girl.

Then voyeurism went away, and I noticed one thing as a photographer: those people tell a lot more of story than those photoshop models. I did shoot models or attractive girls I convinced to pose. They mostly do what they know from magazines. I used to set them up in a romantic kinda set up but it was all fake. I'm passed that now, but this work makes me realize I haven't taken an actual portrait for a while. By that I mean an image that is a true extract of who a person is. That sucks for portrait photographers...back to basics Ronan.

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