Tahmineh Monzavi arrested in Iran

Known for documenting the malfunctions of Iran's society (she spent year among drug addicts and homeless people shooting for awareness), she also probably triggered a little something when working on fashion in Iran and by showing interest in the life of women in Teheran. 

Her work on homelessness recently got published, and it appears that the regime actually believes that by making her shut up, we'll see Iran has a perfect land of happiness where every one's fine.

That's fucking sickening. First of all because it's the courageous who pay the high price, always. She's a 23yo woman in Teheran, and she opens her mouth, big up lady. It's also sickening because a very large part if not a majority of the Iranian population is open to the world and hoping to get rid of that...president. For the record, Iranian massively voted him out and he imposed himself by cheating the election. Those people want him out more than any of us do. Unfortunately, religious obscurantism die hard. They made the mistake of voting for him once, now they are stuck with him.

We don't know why Tahmineh Monzavi was arrested, and the rational behing it is probably complete BS.  However publicizing it is among the best thing we can do. Those who are willing to take one for the team must not be doing it for nothing. 

From her Editors (translated summary below): 
«Nous venons d'apprendre l'arrestation de la photographe et réalisatrice iranienne Tahmineh Monzavi par le pouvoir en place en Iran.

Les charges retenues contre elle ne sont pas clairement indiquées, mais est connu son engagement, à travers photographies et films documentaires, pour dénoncer les dysfonctionnements de la société iranienne et notamment la situation des femmes en Iran: les problèmes liés à la drogue ou encore les sans domicile fixe.

Nous venons de faire paraître La photographie iranienne, un regard sur la création contemporaine en Iran, dans lequel nous présentions une partie de son travail sur les femmes sans domicile fixe.

Il est important que cette information soit relayée et que nous en parlions: en effet, nous savons que plus les prisonniers font parler d'eux, moins les conséquences seront graves.
Alors, n'hésitez pas à faire circuler cette information!

Nous ne manquerons pas de vous tenir informés des suites que nous pourrions recevoir sur cette affaire.

Merci de votre soutien,
Eric Cez et Anne Zweibaum
Directeurs des éditions Loco (who just published her work)»

In English, the most important:
"it is important that this information is wide spread, the more prisoners are followed by the media, the lesser the consequences for them."


  1. Iranians are trying to get rid of the whole regime not just "the president"! They are paying the price for mistake some Western countries made in 1979 to support Islamic fundamentalist took power so that they can suppress Russians and win the cold war. The story is more complicated than that. If you really like to know about Iran, you should study Iran's history at least since 1970!