400 000 !


Since I started that blog - or let's call it as it is: since I woke up an old dying blog and turn it into this one about a year ago - I've had 400 000 page views. I know it's not like half a million or a more catchy number, but it's always an excuse to write a post.

The point here is not to roll myself into a puddle of autosatisfaction . First of all, it is really not that much. But eh, my first blog ! And really I kinda go random since I can only write about things if I actually care. So much for the editorial consistency but, according to emails, some of you like it.

The true point of this post is to thank those who got lost here while procrastinating on the internet, and spend some time reading. 

I also want to thank those who commented or emailed a smart, well built counter argument to some things I've said. I'm open to debate and some of you played it fair and constructive, I've always tried to follow up and, when convinced I was wrong, made some changes.

It is totally irrelevant to the post, but I needed a illustration and Internet loves cats. So here is a 4 month old cat I used to know,  taken with a Mamiya RZ67.

I really tried to show photography from an angle that I don't often see online: getting inspired by photographers that are better than me, share it, try to give some insights on how to improve your technique and a few tips on picking gear the right way. I believe I can do it much better still, probably have sections with stuff sorted in a better way, maybe a more functional design etc.

Anyway, I have no idea if I have regular followers or just random lost travelers. If you are a regular follower -I love you- let me know what you like / dislike, what would you like to see more?

And now some stats !

Most viewed posts:
  • Olympus OMD
  • Helmut Newton
  • Mamiya 645 (yeaaah)
  • What lenses to buy with a D800
Main sources of traffic:
  • Google.com and other google.
  • Facebook 
  • my site ronanshotme.com
My audience is from:
  • the US mainly (God bless American)
  • UK (God bless the Queen)
  • France (oh oh oh baguette ! BTW in French Gode means dildo and Bless means hurts...)
  • Canada
  • Germany
Most of you use Chrome by far (nice), 53% on windows, 35% on mac and the rest is tablets and mobile. Times have changed.

Finally, is this blog making money ? Ah ah ah ah tons ! I bought an Aston Martin with your clicks from last week only mwaahaha ! Just kidding, it makes just enough to cover the hosting fees for my portfolio site.

Oh I almost forgot: 

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