A selection of photoshop fails (we deserve a bit of laugh!)

I came across various sites compiling photoshop fails, and...well there's so pretty funny stuff out there !

On a more serious touch, it is dramatic to realize how much we are being lied to in advertising. One of the most tragic examples I've seen was a weightwatchers commercial where the "after model" was the fat "before" person with some editing. If they can't even find an actual weight losers, then wow...

But back to funky business, here is my personal selection with some comments to guide you through !

This one is just priceless. Look on the right side the dude holding the clock ! But wait, that's not it! Now check below the clock: they didn't even finish erasing the piece of furniture.

Cool breaks !

This one's sweet: how much would it cost to shoot a guy with a football in studio? Close to nothing for a shot like that! But no, let's cut paste a ball from a picture, paste in on the other and ...ok fingers don't really come together but...there you go a little photoshop...yep looks great ! Let's go hit the pub!

This one's just great. You can tell the employee went like "fuck the boss, fuck this job, oh you want a sleeping bag in a parc? I'll give you one"

And now the WTF category. Here you can't even figure out what was the intention in the first place. Feels like they tried to compose a picture out of random stuff but with zero sense of perspective. Also some Picasso heritage might be involved here.

Here we got the usual augmented human anatomy features. Starting with Jacky and his 3 meters 4 elbows arm capable of going back up in the foreground right up from the ground.

Followed by natural looking model legs, some intern's going to get fired :)

When cycling, safety first ! bring an extra hand you never now.

30% Off hand ! buy 2 get 1 free !
oh that tent looks much larger inside ! Bright colors maybe. Nice try.

Chinese officials propaganda...dragon ball style, high as fuck hovering the road and shit

One of my favorite: the "I accidentally hit the eraser just before saving and mailing". Also called "the clumsy intern".

Clearing yes, clearings limbs IED style.

An other case of premium "journalism": let's make up  news with photoshop.

I LOVE this. You can guess the whole story behind (look at the left third):
 "Oh no George is not there today, and it's picture day
- no worry, i'll photoshop him no one's gonna see a thing !"

This place is probably so rotten that then couldn't even find volunteers to fake-queue for the picture.


  1. I think in hurricane picture, she's holding a mirror.

  2. me too, the hurrican is not shopped

  3. I stand corrected, the hurrican isn't indeed, bad sources :) now removed