actually mind fuck of the day: Tim Flach

Those who know me also know that I love animals. More than humans, but that's fairly easy considering the amazing accomplishements of our species in the field of mediocrity. 

Well, I wish I picked a career in the field of animal care, for real. First time I cr... sweated from the eyes was at the end of the Ice Age when Manny meets the human and gives him back his kid, because animal bounding with people is f***ing awesome.

A writer said: "you can judge the worth of people buy the way they treat people/beings who can do nothing for them in return, who can't even express gratitude in return. In our case, the way humans treat animal tells us how rotten we are".

This being said, I found that guys work, Tim Flach. He takes portrait of animals. Actual portraits, as in "let's capture a bit of your personnality" kind of portrait.

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