The best photo store in Dublin

Hi all,

A local post today, after a week away from the blog (sick with the good ol' Irish flu).

If you shoot film, if you like the feel of a family owned business where people do what they do because the love it, and because they like customer relationship, go to John Gunn Camera Wexford street need Stephen's Green park.

It looks the exact opposite of an Apple store: crappy, small, messy, stuff pilled up here and there, but I love it. The have all the film you can dream of, plenty of analog gear, and most of all, they develop manually, can push film if you need, they do it quick, really well, and cheap.

It's nice talking to them, they are not quoting the manufacturers' booklet when trying to sell you stuff. Finally it's got that warm village shop kinda feel.

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  1. Definitely the best film lab in Dublin, I miss them so much.
    Seriously, since I moved to Zurich, there aren't many things I miss from Dublin, but this lab is a big one to me.