Inspiration: "KUNI" (Mita Kunihiko?)

I know him as KUNI on Flickr, not sure what is full name is. All I know for sure is that he is from Japan.

He doesn't shoot hot half naked girls, or fancy concepts, or traumatized people with weird looks. He shoots his city, people around him, and cats...and it feels smooth, peaceful, light, refreshing, definitely zen.

He is one of the few who's portfolio I watch nearly entirely every time I check his posts on Flickr.

He is all about subtlety and I love that. Also he shoot a lot of Pentax 67 medium format and I love that too, as well as Nikon film SLR (the F100, great value for the money if you are looking for a film SLR).

I envy his abilities in developing film, his colors are always mind blowing, way way superior than any digital work I've seen. And he plays a lot with DOF, which you can do when shooting the right format, and I love it too :)

Here is a personal selection, go check him out here.

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