Inspiration: Alexandra Bellissimo

...although grammatically Bellissima would be more appropriate.

In general I'm not a huge fan of photo montage and heavy editing. Don't feel offended if you like it, I don't regard it as less good or genuine than raw photography. You create images the way you want. I actually envy some of those skills, it's just that...well I see so much bad stuff among it, and people praising it like "OMG so amazing", that it triggers some sort of elementary repulsion (baaad HDR bad!)

Now when it's done with taste, a concept, and a good mastery of the basics of photography, me likey !

As an example of that, look at Alexandra Bellissimo's work. Many of them shots I'd be happy to have on my living room walls. Clearly she can use studio light properly, and her work has the characteristics of something elementary, pure and biological, and the way nature elements are merged with human body sort of make total sense even thought it's kind of a weird concept.  I wonder why it meant to her... Let's ask her, if she replied, I'll post her answer here.

Check her stuff here

And here is a personal selection of my favorite:

Ok this is no montage, I love this one.

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