What kind of photography do I do?

Lately I have heard comments according to which my work is about kinky stuff, with the underlining insinuation that it's aiming at seeing naked girls for erotic purposes. Now I know this is coming from a minority of people who probably have a limited understanding of boy / girl relationships, and rely heavily on alcohol to get lucky. 

It didn't trouble me the slightest bit before, there are always people who think heavy metal is for satanist brutes,  hip hop for drug dealers and, in the same vain, a girl who poses for a photographer has little vertue. You just can't educate the whole world to maturity. 
However, I realized that some models are troubled by the fact that some assimilate them to erotic models, which they are not, and that it could affect negatively the way they feel about posing. Now that bothers me. 

Some facts, on www.ronanshotme.com, my portfolio contains:
  • 83 pictures
  • 2 of them show breasts, on none of them you could recognize the person
  • 3 feature a lingerie shot, in a extremely non provocative pose
  • 12 of the 29 beings represented are men. 
Now if you watch my site between two sessions on youwank.com, and make some incorrect assimilations, your problem. Don't go around claiming that the girls are erotic models. They never agreed to that, and don't want to be qualified as such. 

So what is this about? 
It's about contemplation of the beauty of normal people around me, I happen to be straight so I'm naturally inclined to shoot women. I don't sell it, because I do it for myself, and to make people happy seeing themselves through a flattering arty eye. It's a portrait site. 

If you think photography is a way to see naked chicks, then try it. Your reputation will end your young career before you can see it coming.

I'm not claiming to be indifferent to the girls I shoot, if I was, I wouldn't be inspired. And yes, I sometimes tell myself "oh she's hot !" But that's it, I transform that into motivation to do justice to the person on the photos. Now if you recognize yourself in that unflattering description, no hard feelings. All I ask is that you keep those comments to yourselves, and stop assimilating model to easy. Ask yourself: do you also see Manet or Gauguin's work as erotic? If yes, email me, I can recommend plenty of much better sites for what you intend to do. 

Last interesting point: I've tried to get men to pose for me. In some cases they said yes, didn't happen due to logistics. But in many cases, I was told it was "gay", and asked if I was not "hitting on them". Seriously? And yes only gay men ask to pose for me, they only didn't make the cut because they didn't have the looks. So guys, next time you want to call my models easy erotic whatever kinda girls, get yourself a pair of balls and ask yourself, would you dare to do it?

The biggest balls are not always where they seem to be.

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