Bad joke of the week by Fuji

The X Po-1, again. I had high hopes for this one. As I mentioned in a previous post, at this price (1700$ body only) for a DX sensor, it will have to be perfect.

Aaaannd it's not. Far from it. Fist of all AF is faster than the X100, yes, but it takes having the 2 in hand to realize it. Otherwise it remains significantly slower than a SLR, way too slow to justify the price tag !

And finally, the coup de grace (or the "finish him" move for non French speakers): it will take M mount lenses but there is no manual focus assistance ! Now we've reach the limits of plain stupid. The X100 needed 7 ring rotation to focus 1 meter further, making AF unusable, but M lenses, dear Fuji people, are all manual focus.

Next year maybe, there will be a full frame X-whatever that works properly, but how much will it cost?


Until then, you can get a AF 645 camera by Contax or Mamiya for 500$ on Ebay that will rock your world.

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  1. If you press the center of the command dial on the X-Pro1, then it magnifies the view in the electronic viewfinder.