The best looking cameras

A light note today :-)

We all once favored a product against an other for its look, even though fully we were fully aware it was not as good as the other choice. A car maybe? A laptop? Your boyfriend / girlfriend ?... a camera?

Yes, cameras are sexy. rrrrRRRRR!!!

And sometimes they even look cool, they make you feel like a reporter from the 60ies with their rugged vintage looks. I would buy some faulty ones just to have them showing off their shapes on a shelf.

Here is a personal selection of cameras I find sexy. Yes, AcameraDiary now does camera porn.

 Rollei Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras: pricey, medium format, not metered, but exceptional results and...groovey baby!

Leica 3. I mean, just look at it. 

Rollei 35, here in a custom version: the yorkshire for posh photographers, and in addition a good portable 35 film camera.

Nifon FE, FE2, FM3A...all of those non AF Nikon F series. The feel of the reporter, never break down, simple to operate, really cool looking (for 100$, will work with actual Nikon lenses)

Leica M8.2 Safari edition. Well, imagine yourself in beige kakis, in Africa, with your open white linen shirt, a machete at the waist, at this in your hands, approaching that elephant quietly...

Fuji 680III. Medium format landscape monster. The Battlestar Galactica among the fleet. It scares your dog more than the vacum cleaner itself.

The recent Fuji X line up, with special mention to the X Pro-1 for the looks. Like a Leica of the 21th century, but more affordable and usable.

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