Nikon D4 and Fuji X pro1, and a potential RIP.

A lot of hot news today, a good one, a so so one, and a bad one.

The good one first: 
Fuji is doing a interchangeable lens compact with a DX DSLR size sensor. The X Pro 1, for March. It should be 1300€ with the 35mm 1.4 lens. It is good because this is in line with the well built X100, because Fujinon lenses are likely to compare to good SLR lenses, they are prime lenses not zooms (18 F2, 35 F1.4 and 60 F2.4). It is probably too expensive but well, for a traveler looking for SLR quality in a compact solid format, this could be the best product around.

The so so news:
Nikon announced the D4. Yeeaaahh.... Available in March for only 5800€ or 6000$. It will shoot very fast, be very very very light sensitive (due to 16mp on a large sensor, a good thing), it will measure light really well, focus really well etc etc.
Why is it so so: if you are a sports, wildlife or war photographer, good for you. It also films really well. And you can expense it as a pro. In that case it's a brilliant camera. For other...more patience.
For every one else, it's useless and too expensive, and certainly not worth the extra 4500$ you'll need to spend to step up from a D700.
It's a good news because soon you'll be able to get a D700 for 1500$ :)

The sad news:
Kodak is nearly dead. They are on the edge of bankruptcy. They completely ignored digital, never believe in it. Plain dumb. However it is sad, because the best B&W film I know is Tri X, and I really really hope they will keep on making film...

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