Fuji X pro-1 image samples

From the Fuji site, I have to say I'm quite impressed with the exposure and color treatment.

The lenses seem pretty good, still skeptical about the price of the body but the fact that you could mount M lenses is a huge plus...

Regarding sharpness and looking at the full size pics from the Fuji site, it is a little under what a 50mm 1.2 AIS Nikkor lens can do (see previous review), but it's very good. Sharpness doesn't make a good shot anyway. It's however as good as if not better than more >1000$ Nikkon zooms and many prime lenses.

I'll wait and see. But I've been looking forward to replace my DSLR with a more portable rangefinder system, and the M9 is too expensive. The lack of AF with Leica is also a huge drawback.

It's also a little bigger than a X100.

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