F@#&in' Finally ! Nikon D800

The D800 will be announced on February the 7th.

It's aiming at pros doing landscapes and fashion, requiring very large prints, hence the 36MP sensor. It will indeed cost 4000$ more or less.

Since it's totally useless for the casual art shooter, I'll be waiting for the D400 announcement. I have the secret hope that it will be a full frame (although I have absolutely no insight)...I want to use my 35mm as a 35mm, not as a 50.

Until then, the best DSLRs for a non pro remains the Nikon D7000 , and I have to admit, the Canon 5D MKII . At this price tag, the Canon 5D MKII is no less that a Nikon D800 with a little less innovation for half the price.

I am actually a bit skeptical about the price, why would anyone want to pay 4000$ if Canon pulls a 5DMKIII at 2500/3000$?
According to recent leaks, the 5DMKIII would be a 22MP camera, which makes a lot more sense for an amateur than the 36MP D800, also leading to better low light performance.

Last interesting piece of intel: the D700 and D300S are officially discontinued. It may be time to search for a cheap D700.

Wait and see...


  1. where is the source of your last piece of information?

  2. To answer the last comment: this is from the Nikon catalog sent to distributors: D300S and D700 are not in it anymore. BTW many sites don't sell the D700 already.

  3. If anyone wants a D700, run for it! It's a great camera and it's had a very reasonable price for a whole year. Stock will probably run out in weeks, or days in some places. I love mine so much, I'm so happy I got it before my baby was born :)