Antonina @ Dublin

Shots 1 & 2 are digital, Nikon D80 + 35mm @ 1/200 F5.6 + Elinchrom strobe 400w @90% max power, no light modifier straight on to model.
Edited with photoshop element 6.

Thanks to Tonya.

This is how I like using digital for B&W. If you compare to the film shots from the previous post, same lens, but on a full frame film SLR, you can clearly the difference in style. Digital won't get you the sharpness (attention, sharpness is not resolution), the lovely blurs, that feeling that envy to touch the  photo like an old piece of wooden furniture. But it allows you post processing contrast, and light (especially in RAW and with good original exposure), in a way that makes it very interesting for those kind of trash-flash fashion effects.

More to come soon...

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