Nikon D800 rumors ?

According to Japanese site digicame-info , the future Nikon full frame would have the following features:
  • 36MP FX sensor
  • 4 FPS (6 FPS in DX mode)
  • the usual full HD video
  • dual slot SD / CF
  • 300 000 yen price tag...i.e. 3900$ !!!
  • UPDATE: ISO range up to 6400. It confirms my fears: too many pixel affects low light performance.
  • OTHER UPDATE: I forgot it's a Nikon's policy to push people not to shoot above 3200 iso, so performance at 1600 / 3200 might still be good. Overal I don't believe it will be priced at 4K. There is no real market here, and it would leave too much room to the Canon 5D...
Now my OWN SOURCES (yes, I do have some, local distributor contacted by Nikon for an announcement), the D700 will remain at a slightly lower price tag, in order to allow a slighly more expensive D800 (around 2900€ / $).
Those cameras are for action, sports....please FPS + low light performance !
Those are rumors, but give the 36MP a 99% credibility...they are usually pretty accurate close to announcements.

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