What the hell is wrong with people and HDR ???

"Most well known photographers on G+ are at the "HDR stage". What's not helping much is that most of their followers are behind the "tripod stage"..."
Yasser Abu-Ghdaib, a friend, tasteful photographer and founder of simplephy.com

Yes. Please.

At the risk of not making friends here, I am tired with the web being spammed by that kind of work. If you can't expose properly, teach yourself. This just educate people into liking...whatever that is, but it's not photography.

This to me is a Playstation 3 video game image. If you are ecstatic in front of that, you are into CGI.

I am not against HDR, but the way it's being used 99% of the time feels like a 5yo girl found mummy's make up, and made herself look like the Joker.

Let me illustrate by a counter example (once again thanks to Yasser for the link) of HDR used at the service of good taste: Ian Plant.
HDR should be used to compensate the poor dynamic range of digital sensors. An good HDR picture should make you wonder...is that HDR?

If the difference is not obvious to you, there are people called opticians who can probably help you.

Additional note: regarding the number of angry comments I get on G+:  is debating taste pointless? Surely not. Taste evolve, grow, with opinions, challenged views. If you can only accept likes and not dislikes, don't publish. I express a strong personal opinion, if you disagree, just explain why. I don't attack the artist, I try to gather force around a different way of doing photography, so that people can also be exposed to other tastes.

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