An other joke by Pentax...

After launching an insulting 645D, Pentax keeps on launching misleading, fake premium products with the Pentax Q. Remember, I called the Pentax 67II my favorite camera of all time. I adore Pentax film cameras. The K-r is a very good entry level SLR, but their new digital line up...

Remember those essential things: in photography, the 2 things you must look for in a camera are:

  1. how great the lenses are
  2. how big the sensor / film format is. Great cameras are either full frame (36x24mm), medium format (60x70mm) or much bigger. It's like gravity. The bigger the better.

Now the 645D, I'll post about it someday later, was one hell of a disappointment. It costs about 10k, so you'd assume it'd be built for photographers who have a clue about, But it seems like they made a 10K medium format (that is also a statement I wouldn't agree with) as if they were marketing a entry level compact for mass market: tons of rubbish feature, and the essential part of it, the sensor, is barely larger than a full frame 35mm camera !

Do you guys at Pentax really thing that the photographer who owns a Pentax 67II will get fooled by that? I mean seriously?

And now, the same stuff happening with the new born segment of "compacts-looking-like-vintage-cameras-to-make-you-feel-like-a-photo-journalist-from-the-60ies-that-cost-the-same-as-a-great-DSLR-but-if-you-truly-wanted-to-do-that-you'd-buy-and-nikon-FE-and-shoot-tri-X-film".

Fuji started it with the X100: Leica M looks, 1200$ price tag (more than the excellent Nikon D7000...), but at least Fuji did not screw up the essential: they put a great lens and a DX SLR size sensor. Many things are annoying on the Fuji, the AF and firmware mostly, but it remains a very good camera. Fuji too rules in the true camera world (690, 680III, brilliant gear), at least they try to remain consistent across the range.

And then Pentax decides to surf the wave, and launches the Pentax Q...similar vintage design, changeable lenses this time (makes people feel more "pro"), and...a midget CMOS sensor, the size of a nail ! What the hell? I am not even looking into anything else about that camera. What a joke. Pilling up a ton of marketing crap and useless features, and the one thing you can't screw up, they screw up big time. You simply can't call anything a camera if the sensor is less than 18x12mm, this is 

Pentax people, you might get a short term market share win out of this. But these are the days of internet, people talk, exchange, educate themselves and each other. On the longer run, they will realize they have been fooled. It's even dumb business wise.

If you're into that kind of camera, get a Fujifilm X100 .

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