Damnit Nikon !!!

Ok it's not really their fault, but that D800 seems like it's never gonna come out. Due to flooding of the Thailand factory apparently, announcements planned today have been postponed to...whenever.

Now I got a interesting piece of information from a Irish reseller who was originally invited to an announcement in the UK (very likely it was going to be a SLR announcement).

Well his "informed guess" is that the D700 will be maintained for 2 reasons:

  • to justify a high price for the D800
  • because a D700S or something like that (basically the same + video, similar to the D300 / D300S change) could come up

That's all I got so far, so I'm thinking getting a FE2 as a complement to my FE, to allow 1/4000 shutter speed. Then, instead of wasting money on an expensive body, I might get the 50mm F1.2 AIS Nikkor...

Why? because the lens makes a bigger difference than the camera body, and you'll keep it forever so overall, it's always a better investment :)


  1. +1 on the 50mm 1:1.2

    I'm so happy I got my D700 at the time I did, nearly a year, it's been rocking the scene with much better high ISO performance and, best of all, bring me back to good old 35mm viewfinder in its full. I don't have to carry lenses that won't suit my FM-2n any more, just 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm... all I need :)

  2. Miguev, Happy to see you have that combination. I'm thinking, when / if I ever go digital, i'll get a cheap D700 rather than a D800.

  3. Shut up, I hate you, you keep posting film shots with Velvia and medium format and I keep swearing because it's so hard (and bloody expensive) to get a roll properly scanned around here.

    Seriously, I love your work, but you make me cry of envy. Just for the film, not for the G&G (gear and girls) :P

  4. oh, thank you :) that's a nice compliment i guess. try scanning yourself ! the scanner is worth the investment.

  5. I'm considering that seriously, just haven't made up my mind as to which scanner.
    So far the only candidate is the Epson Perfection V700 Photo. Any recommendation?
    (I'd really, really like to use it on Linux ;)

  6. V700 is what I use. Can't find any reason to get anything else :)