: a sharing site for dedicated photographers.

A new sharing / expert site in the photography landscape,

An other one you said? Well yes, but I wouldn't mention it if I didn't believe this one is worth trying.

I like simplephy because it is the missing link between product reviews and photography tutorials. It really aims at self teaching from other photographers' input, and help you pick the right gear. Simplephy was very recently created on his free time by a Google employee, he hasn't had much time to promote it and activity on the site is rather quiet for the time being.

Yet, for those of you who use Google + , you can see how much better the interaction can be when a community is populated with fewer yet more skilled people. How about we try to make simplephy the Google + of photography sharing?

It does (or could do) many many things better than flickr or deviantart.

  • VS Flickr: flickr is the trashcan of online photography. 99% on what is in there can't even be called photography. The talented few are so...few that after 6 months using it you realize there are only a few closed circles of inspired people always linked to one another. What if you could get a site with only those guys ??? I would personally love it. I also use flickr to find shot samples taken with a given lens or camera. The problem is you can never make up your mind since it is so badly post processed most of the time that you find every piece of gear rubbish. I want to know what a good photographer can do with a good lens. Finally the UI is nice and clean, and the guy who created the site a true photo enthousiast. Last but not least, it's not filled with pictures of old dude flashing their genitals like on flickr...
  • VS Deviantart: simply the worst UI ever on a large scale site. I mean seriously? That is the only reason why I don't update it. Ok content is of much better quality than flickr. That is correct, but it's not dedicated to photography, so all that know how / teach yourself aspect of simplephy is absent. And also, the UI is so...oh I said it already. Bad UI.
See you on Simplephy?

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