5D MK III / X updates

Seems like the 5D MKII replacement is on its way, and from the  most "credible" rumors, it appears to be a little more appealing on the principle than the Nikon D800 (and I am a Nikon user, and preacher of Nikon' technical superiority, so I mean it):
  • 22 mp
  • 61pt AF with DIGIC 4
  • 6.9 FPS
  • DIGIC 5 (Doesn’t say DIGIC 5+)
  • Announcement February 28
  • + with 3 lens
  • Available April $2700
Less pixels (more versatile, good for large prints and wildlife) and all marketing features put aside a very similar camera...for 1300$ less. I say if you haven't opted for one of the 2 brands yet, wait until April. Might be worth the time in saved dollars.

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