Inspiration: Wyatt Neumann

Wyatt Neumann is a director and photographer, making most of his career in advertising. More of a videographer, he has a very refined eye for photography and is able to achieve things that I envy. With nothing else but a scene, and what feels like a very spontaneous framing decision, he tells a good story. Most of his stuff seems to be 35mm film. I don't like all that he does, the white trash portraits is something I've seen too much, but that's personal, but I like the risks he takes on some portraits.

We will of course notice that a good story telling image with a strong feel has nothing to do with pixels, sharpness, or any of those things a lot of people try to sell you. It's like painting, it's a matter of composition, colors, point of view.

His site here. A personal selection there:

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