Tribute to Remi Ochlik

Remi Ochlik was killed in Homs, Syria, doing his job reporting on what's really going on there.

He died for a job that doesn't even pay well, he died because he though the risk was worth it. Him and other photographers enter Syria illegally, take the highest level of risk because they believe someone's gotta do it. That my friends is what I call a proper sense of duty. A man like that has a serious pair of balls and he is using them the right way. Some might say it takes a certain degree of addiction to adrenaline, ok but so what? You are what you do, and this guy was doing it hardcore.

So you know what pisses me off? Him, and Mani (still alive fortunately) for example, take those amazing risks to report on the fact that in Syria, what's going on is of the greatest possible degree of atrocity, and our occidental "saviors of the world" leaders are just wanking around waiting for whatever.

Anyway, this is a tribute to Remi Ochlik, check out his work, that's why he died for. He was 29.

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