Book Review: New York: A Photographer's City

Yeaaah a photography book about NYC ! Never done before :p

Ok enough sarcasm. Yes there are plenty of those, but there are few interesting ones. I've seen about a dozen photography books about NYC in the last 6 months, few that I found evenly good across the pages, diversified and yet coherent.

This is one of them.

New York: A Photographer's City
Published by Marla Hamburg Kennedy, Rizzoli 

The book contains a compilation of 350 images of various photographers such as: Pierson, Atta Kim, Doug Aitken, Joel Meyerowitz, Andreas Gursky, Tim White Sobieski, Ed Burtynsky, Thomas Struth, Jenny Holzer, and Michael Eastman and others.

All are 21th century pictures, and interestingly, the NYC atmosphere you can find in much older book remains, with an touch of something else. The city does not have that modern feel Singapore now has, as some foreign tourists might expect. Each photographers brings a different point of view, a different focus. This book made me feel NYC the way I do when I'm there. A mix off social life deep dive and overwhelming amount of concrete. A feel of ultra modernity in urban life mixed in an aging landscape.
Loved it.

Get it here : New York: A Photographer's City

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