Open letter to Canon and Nikon fanboys

"You Nikon morons are so fucked. The D800′s ass is grass, and the 5DX is going to be the lawnmower. Prepare to are penetration!!!!!!"
An example among many of what you can read all over the web by Canon (in this case) and Nikon "fanboys".

Aaah fanboys. It's like the Apple ones. I just can't understand how someone can decide to fight for a manufacturer as if the honor of his own family was in peril. I mean, what the hell is wrong with you people? What is missing in your lifes that you need to take side so vigorously in a marketing rivalry between brands? They are manufacturers of stuff... I mean who cares? Can't you see how totally disconnected from reality you gotta be to argue around that? I think you need a cause, something to do, get in a charity or something, I don't know.

First let's get my own subjectivity out of the way:
I tend to speak about Nikon stuff more, because I own some. So when a camera comes out, I can try it, I have the lenses etc. I made a call one day to go for Nikon because it had my very subjective and personal preference. I tried both, extensively, and I preferred Nikon. I still do. Why I do is not even relevant, the only constructive reaction to this is  to do the same as me and pick what you like best. Period, it's as far as it should concern you. What is in other people's plate at the restaurant is not of your matter.

Now photography is one of those activities, like for some home cinema fanatics and high fidelity audio lovers, where an strange behavior can occur. The so called photographer completely focuses on the equipement, to the point that his enthusiasm is about upgrading, buying more, analyzing how whatever detail became so much better than with the previous gear. I am myself in a weird position, I shoot with old gear because I really am obsessed by the pictures and this old gear does the job well already. But I need to speak about gear in order for that blog to get some traction. Nothing bad in getting a little geeky once in a while I suppose.

Back to that strange behavior. I first noticed it when younger, via my dad, when I got to meet guys that were so obsessed by high fidelity sound systems that they were spending the price of a fine car in it, borrowing different cables to see how the trebles are impacted; that kind of stuff. Those guys are only listening when sitting in a perfect triangle with the speakers, otherwise it's not respecting stereo rendering. Those guys however, never play a song in their cars, never sing along, or even go to a frakin' concert ! They buy 12 CDs a week and listen to them once just to see how whatever instrument sound on their system. Let me tell you as it is: that shit's fucked up. When I listen to Black by Pearl Jam in my shower, I scream along like a pig, I can't hear half the notes, but I runs through my veins !

If you find that pathetic too, think about it: when you pull your DSLR in the street, and some other "photographer" comes to you, where are they looking at? At the scene you're shooting, or at your camera trying to read what model it is?

Ah ah, that rings a bell doesn't it ! 

Well fanboys of all brands, let me tell you something: I could not give a damn about you, but your blind naive receptivity to marketing make it so that those same brands you worship, instead of focusing on what actually matters, focus on seducing you. As a consequence, the actual photographer doesn't get served and they keep promoting BS "innovations". In the end, you are shooting yourself in the foot. An other things or two: 
  • We never needed 2000$ of electronics, us actual photographers, to take a good shot. 
  • We dream of larger sensors to finally have large format image feel, with digital convenience. But this is nowhere close to happen with you guys getting all horny online about how many pixels, how many fps you can get. Brands will follow the herd, and we keep having small sensor with tons of crap around.
  • When is the last time you took an actually watchable picture? I'm serious, I have seen so many times guys with more gear than you can imagine showing their images proudly, and not even realizing that not one shot was printable, not even by accident. 
  • If I look for more of your comments online, will I even find one, just one comment about an image? How it made you feel, why you liked it?
  • How come that when I post stuff on great photographers on this site, nearly every single shot was taken by what you would consider a crap camera?
Answers belong to you. 

This took me an old manual focus lens, a 35yo 100$ manual focus central spot metering camera. 

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