An interesting fact...

The retailer price for a Nikon D800 is 2700$ (this is how much your shop pays Nikon for the camera). It sells at 3000$, so the margin for the store is about 10%. Fair enough.

Now can we assume that the retailer price in Europe is the same? I mean, why would Nikon ask for more? It should then be 2040€ with today's exchange rate. For a 10% margin, the camera should then cost around 2260€ in Europe, but no, it costs 2800€ more or less, which corresponds to a much larger margin.

Why that?

I'm not sure how VAT are taxen into consideration, but in France for example, it's about 20%. That would take it to 2700€.

So European buyers, now you know: if you are asked more than 2690€, you're being ripped off ! (and I've seen it at 2890€ many time).

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